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SFRB Tweets (for use by all members-the more you share the more it helps raise awareness of our group and genre)
Love#scifi #romance? Follow @SFRStation, or visit - your one-stop shop for the best of #SFR
Experience love & adventure among the stars -Tales from the SFR Brigade, a #free digital anthology.
A space captain discovers the cyborg she loves justmight be her greatest enemy. #scifirom #SFRBAntho
A mind-wiped prostitute risks all when she recruits a dangerous stranger 2 helpher escape a terrible fate #SFRBAntho
Want to try #scifi #romance but not sure where tostart? How about these cheap or even #free #SFR titles here?
A prisoner-of-war confronts the comrade who loved her, then left her for dead. #scifirom
A space-obsessed physics teacher is kidnapped by a far-too-charming alien. #scifirom
Looking to add to your #SciFi #romance shelf? Checkout the @sfrbrigade Library! #sfrb #scifirom
An apocalypse survivor battles the biomech-enhanced hunter who seeks to captureher. #SFRBAntho #scifirom
A young artist must choose between her comfortable life on Earth or a war-tornspace colony with her beloved.
Want to know about the latest #scifi #romance news,releases & #giveaways? LIKE the SFR Brigade fanpage!
A daring thief is on the run from the alien law man who is determined to bringher to justice. #SFRBAntho #scifirom
A widowed rebel leader tries to save the last remnants of humanity, onestranger at a time. #SFRBAntho #scifirom
Love/write/publish #scifi #romance? Join theScience Fiction Romance Brigade on Facebook! #scifirom#sfrb
New-the Spacefreighters #Research Lounge! Resources& #science #scifi info for#authors - add your suggestions too.
#Romance readers, give sci-fi a try. #Portals: #FREE 1st look at 10 different #SciFiRomance books per volume!
Having trouble finding great #SciFiRomance books? Here's a #FREE fix for that! @sfrbrigade
#Romance readers, love Han & Leia? Jake & Neytiri? Ripley & Hicks? Then you may love #SciFiRomance. Sample it #FREE
#Romance readers, give #scifi a try. #FREE Meet the mysterious Portal Keeper & a gateway to adventure. @sfrbrigade
#Romance readers, give sci-fi a try. #FREE 1st look at 10 different #SciFiRomance books. More vols coming soon.
Your #FREE gateway to the world of #SciFi #Romance. Give Sci-Fi a try! @sfrbrigade
Portals: If you want a #FREE way to sample multiple #SciFiRomance #books, read this. … via @wordpressdotcom
Pippa Jay
Sal puts her trust in just 2 things: Her guns. Amz Kobo #scifirom
"Why am I such a sucker for tortured souls?" KEIR, #timetravel #romance available now.
The kiss burned through her body, a slow whisper of flame #timetravel #romance available now.
"I am not friendly. I am dangerous." KEIR, #timetravel #romance available now.
She can kill with a kiss. Amz Kobo B&N #sfr
Sexy superheroes, vile villains Amz Kobo B&N

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